Electrification S 28

Service period:
2015 – 2018

Project client:
Regiobahn GmbH

Project volume:
€ 42,000,000

Project description

The line of the suburban railway S28 of Regiobahn, runs over a total of 34 kilometres from Mettmann via Erkrath, Düsseldorf, Neuss to Kaarst, thereby, between Düsseldorf-Gerresheim and Neuss central train station, a 16 km long track section is operated by DB Netz.

Regiobahn has been planning the electrification of the whole track section since 2014. Initially, the systems should be built in the course of the rebuilding of the track section to Wuppertal.

To do this, the following measures are required:

Rebuilding the overhead contact line systems (15 kV, 16.7 Hz, standard design Re100). Track length to be spanned (single and double track expansion) approx. 40 km incl. all accompanying measures

Adjustment of platforms to entry height from 96 to 76cm, via TOR by lowering the platform (13 platforms at 8 stations) or raising the track.

Track rebuilding of approx. 1.7 km track length (double track expansion of a previous track section) incl. laying a point

Adjustment of the signalling system, electricity supply, earthing/lighting systems and the telecommunications systems

In addition, apart from research, digitalisation, analysis, local acceptance and preparation of inventory documentation about all works incl. recalculation of statics and CST systems, the following services must still be carried out alongside planning:

- Measuring/draft survey

- Geotechnical investigations and expert report

- Environmental compatibility study

- Accompanying landscape protection plan

- Expert report for sound and vibration

- EMC and stray current expert report

- Various plausibility studies

Engineering services

  • General planning (Basic Evaluation, Preliminary and Final Design, Building Permission Application, Detailed Design, Preparation of the Contract award, Assisting award Process, Site Management, Project Documentation)
  • Performances of person authorised to submit building documents, according to administrative regulation "Construction" and administrative regulation "Construction - Signalling, Telecommunications and Electronic Devices" for the works:
    • Overhead contact line systems
    • Local control systems LCS
    • Transport systems (platforms, railway crossings, rails, road)
    • Constructive civil engineering (4 rail bridges)
    • Structural engineering (4 rail bridges)
    • Command and signalling technology (1 signal box and 2 RCs)
    • Electrical systems 50 Hz (electricity supply, earthing, lighting)
    • Telecommunications systems