Expansion of S13 route between Troisdorf - Bonn-Beuel - construction sector North

Service period:
2018 – 2026

Project client:
DB Netz AG

Project volume:
€ 350,000,000

Project description

Thanks to the expansion between Troisdorf and Bonn-Oberkassel, the city of Bonn should now also be connected to the Cologne/Bonn airport via the suburban railway network.

The right Rhine route between Troisdorf and Bonn is currently used hourly by two local transport lines. In addition, extensive freight transport travels on this route, which is a section of the freight transport corridor Rotterdam – Genua.

It is currently not possible to improve the local public transport service, on the route with only two rails, which is heavily used.

Therefore, the key to the project is to build two additional rails to the East of the existing route, whereby it is only necessary to extend to one rail in places.

By separation from other traffic, in future, the suburban railway will be able to run a denser interval timetable (every 20 minutes on working days) across the whole S13 route, without impeding passing trains.

By construction of additional stops, local public transport connections to further districts will also be ensured.

Engineering services

  • Construction supervision (technical, building authority and railway operation services in accordance with VVBau [Administrative regulation Construction] and VVBau-STE [Administrative regulation for building authority of signalling, telecommunications and electrical engineering systems])
  • Deadline, cost, follow up and plan sequence management