Project planning of traffic lights for the state capital Munich

Service period:
2009 – 2024

Project client:
State capital of Munich

Project description

On behalf of the regional capital of Munich, since 2002, ongoing logistical project planning of traffic lights has been created, on the basis of current guidelines and city specific regulations.

Since 2009, there has been a framework contract (place 1) for these services.

As a rule, these are transport-dependent and fully transport-dependent controllings

with local public transport acceleration.

The scope of services ranges from the first preliminary investigations, e.g. the creation of preliminary draft sketches of the hub geometry, right up to control unit power supply, using the direct supply language, rarely used as standard in Munich TRE- LAN/TRENDS.

Most recently, approx. 60 different traffic light systems were re-planned and programmed in Munich, in the course of the acceleration projects for the bus lines 53, 55, 100 and 154 and the new tram route to St. Emmeram.

Engineering services

  • Creation of logistical concepts
  • Proof of performance capability, in accordance with time requirement procedure, with specification of quality stage according to HBS
  • Creation of green waves
  • Logistical project planning
  • Creation of direct supply data in TRELAN/TRENDS