Schanztunnel renovation

Service period:
2020 – 2029

Project client:
DB Netz AG

Project volume:
€ 104,000,000

Project description

The Schanztunnel on railway line no. 4930 Waiblingen – Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental is to be renovated due to the poor structural condition, among other reasons.

The 860 m long Schanztunnel was mined as a two-track tunnel and steined with sandstone building blocks from 1878 to 1880.

However, the tunnel is operated on only a one-track basis with a track installed centrally in the tunnel. The maximum overlay of the tunnel is approximately 90 m.

The single-track line is electrified.

The tunnel lies in the layers of the gypsum Keuper. As a consequence of the water entry into the anhydrite-containing gypsum Keuper, the open sole of the tunnel has risen steadily since its completion.

As part of the advance planning, existing renovation variants with the tunnel-in-tunnel method, with complete closure and with closures in sections as well as replacement construction in a parallel location are to be examined.

Engineering services

  • Object planning engineering work, Object planning transport systems, Technical equipment engineering work, Specialist planning technical line installations OLA, Specialist planning technical line installations TK
    • Basic Evaluation, Preliminary Design
  • optionally
    • Building Permission Application, Detailed Design, Preparation of the Contract award, Assisting award Process
  • Specialist planning technical line installations LST
    • Basic Evaluation, Preliminary Design
  • Specialist planning supporting structure planning
    • Preliminary Design
  • Planning-accompanying measurement
    • Basic Evaluation, Preliminary Design, Final Design

Project impressions