Train station scrutinisation Hagen - north connection, lines 66-70 and 77-79

Service period:
2016 – 2018

Project client:
DB Netz AG

Project volume:
€ 800,000

Project description

This construction measure is the so-called Sedanstraße train station scrutinisation.

The construction of this road between Hagen-Eckesey and Hagen-Wehringhausen is to relieve the town centre of through traffic.

The road runs partly on the track of the DB line Hagen-Heubing – Hagen-Eckesey, via which the railway siding of the Schmitz forwarding agency is connected to the track network of DB AG today.

At the northern end, the road connects to the existing Eckeseyer Straße in the Sedanstraße area.

In the area of the Hagen-Eckesey station/Hagen Central Station, the new flyover as well as a retaining wall along Eckeseyer Straße are to be constructed.

With the manufacture of the new structure, the existing flyover was demolished.

Engineering services

  • On-site building inspection
  • Rail building inspection pursuant to VVBau
  • Rail building inspection pursuant to VVBau-50 Hz