3D simulation of the camera views at the S-Bf. Schönhauser Allee

Okres realizacji:
2016 – 2016

S-Bahn Berlin GmbH

Opis projektu

S-Bahn Berlin GmbH will equip more and more S-Bahn stations with the ZAT-FM handling method in the future. With the aid of the method, the driver receives the images from several platform cameras directly into the driver's cab and can handle the train independently.

Schönhauser Allee Train Station is an S-Bahn (city rail) and U-Bahn (underground) station located in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Pankow. The S-Bahn station, located in the area of the intersection, was opened in 1879. It is a station of the ring railway line and other S-Bahn lines, which are important for urban transport.

With the installation of platform cameras, it is also to be prepared for the ZAT-FM.

Due to the curvature of the track in the platform area, several 3D simulations were created for an optimal positioning of the cameras. As a basis for this, a 3D laser scanning was carried out to detect the environment.

With the help of the RGB point clouds, 3D animations for two train types could be generated as so-called quad views.

Engineering services

  • 3D laser scanning
  • 3D modelling S-Bahn trains BR 481/485
  • 3D animation
  • Compositing