ABS 38: Two track expansion Altmühldorf - Tüßling

Okres realizacji:
2013 – 2019

DB ProjektBau GmbH

Wartość projektu:
130.000.000 €

Opis projektu

To expand the capacities, the section Altmühldorf – Mühldorf – Tüßling (route 5600 and/or 5723) must be expanded to two tracks.

In future, the route speed should be 160 km/h.

As the route is part of the European axis Paris – Munich – Budapest, the regulations of TSI should be adhered to.

The object of service is the route expansion Altmühldorf – Tüßling (in total 10.5 km) with the construction works for the transport facilities, civil engineering structures (in total 10 St), sound proofing walls (in total 3 km), cable laying and platforms, command and signalling systems, and 50 Hz systems.

The whole expansion was carried out “while the wheel was rolling”.

Engineering services

  • Local construction supervision, subsection site management
  • Civil engineering and superstructure on tracks and train station area
  • Constructive civil engineering
  • Cable laying
  • Command and signalling systems
  • 50 Hz systems
  • Consideration of later electrification