Frankfurt airport long-distance train station

Okres realizacji:
2013 – 2024

DB Station & Service AG

Opis projektu

The multistorey “THE SQUAIRE” business centre (formerly the AIRRAIL-CENTER) was built over the long-distance train station at Frankfurt airport – comprising a platform level, a mezzanine, a large entrance hall (glass dome) and an engineering basement level – between 2007 and 2011. “THE SQUAIRE” is currently considered to be the largest office building in Germany and, at a length of approx. 660 metres, is also the longest skyscraper in Europe. The superstructure standing over the railway tracks is supported by 43 steel frameworks and 86 triple external supports which must be inspected at regular intervals. 

The subsequent overbuilding resulted in numerous structural intrusions into the existing long-distance train station. For example, the steel structure had to be reinforced, ceiling openings had to be created for lifts and technical cables, and the large glass dome had to be integrated. Retrofitting measures on and in the existing structure also had to be carried out as a result of the overbuilding.

After more than twenty years of operation of the long-distance train station in the meantime, further measures such as renovation, restoration and modernisation of building auxiliary systems are now required.

Engineering services

  • Documentation required by the Federal Railway Authority for the intrusions by “THE SQUAIRE” into the existing long-distance train station
  • Review and assessment of accounting documents from measures for building over the existing structure
  • Project management (project phase 1, area for action B) for requirement planning for the fire protection/electrical/heating, ventilation and sanitation trades
  • Documentation required by the Federal Railway Authority to obtain approval in the individual case (ZiE) incl. support from the client in obtaining internal approval (UiG)
  • Project management (project phases 1 – 5, areas for action A – E) for renovation of the safety lighting on the floors of the long-distance train station

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