Gutacker rain retention basin

Okres realizacji:
2010 – 2019

Emschergenossenschaft Lippeverband

Wartość projektu:
2.000.000 €

Opis projektu

The drainage of the town of Oer-Erkenschwick currently flows into the Westerbach and Steinrapener Bach streams, which are treated in the river sewage treatment plant on the Lippe. This was necessary in the past due to mining-related settlements, which have however now subsided. In order to be able to bring the streams into a near-natural state, canals DN 1800 - 2800 are to be built along the streams.

3D models were created to visualise the optimum fit of the stream into the landscape. In this case, the required earth movements were also minimised and a position was found in which the uplift and the downlift were balanced. In addition, the existing marl horizon is used as a natural bed seal; optimal integration into the landscape is possible and the distance to the watercourse is so great that it can develop unhindered.

Engineering services

  • Object planning of open air facilities
    • pre-planning
    • execution planning
    • participating in the contract awarding process
  • Visualisation