Transshipment station (Ubf) MegaHub Lehrte - planning coordination/technical coordination

Okres realizacji:
2015 – 2019

DB Netz AG

Wartość projektu:
170.000.000 €

Opis projektu

At the Lehrte/Hanover location, DB AG is planning the construction of a new transshipment facility for intermodal transport on the site of the former Lehrte switch yard (Rbf).

The basic component of the concept is an innovative production system with a mega hub in which, in addition to the conventional rail-road transshipment, direct transshipment of the loading units (LUs) between the trains can take place in a rail-rail process.

The trains planned for the concept travel between the transshipment stations as fixed carrying wagon sets with a length of up to 700m via MegaHub.

The plan is to connect up to six trains simultaneously in a “working bundle” in the mega hub. High-performance, part-automatic portal frames are used to transship the LUs.

In order to optimise the replacement process and to operate the complete system in robust fashion, the arrangement of a sorting plant is planned in the centre of the transshipment module.

Engineering services

  • Planning coordination/technical coordination for construction and equipment technology:
    • Project management
    • Coordination of the technical planners
    • Inspection of the individual planning for agreement with the task
    • Management of planning agreements incl. preparation and collaboration in the issue of planning and planning inspection services including claim management
    • Tracking of the planning progress (dates, costs) and planning flows incl. documentation
    • Inspection of tender documents for construction and equipment technology regarding interface problems
    • Management of the inventory plan return
    • Coordination and production of the construction files